I wrote all of these songs, but anyone who’s ever done a project like this knows that the process of writing, rehearsing, and recording music involves a lot of input from a lot of people.


Michael Robertson (MFR) is my sounding board, my guitar player, and my musical brother. He helped take my simple singer/song-writer type acoustic guitar demos from very basic chords to guitar heaven. He also helped tremendously in putting these songs together in the form we eventually recorded. MFR plays acoustic, resonator, and electric guitar on this recording, and also mandolin on ‘Home’. I LOVE the guitar sounds on this record. Thanks, Mike. 

 Andy Reed owns Reed Recording, where these songs were recorded.  He is much more than a studio owner. On this project he was the engineer, co-producer, sideman on vocals, guitar, and organ…and his suggestions made the songs tighter and just plain better. We didn’t always agree on where the production should go, (he was usually right) but our discussions ALWAYS wound up with an improved recording.  

Keith Carolan plays bass on most of these tunes. We have been friends and music partners for …well, it’s a long time. Most of these tunes were rehearsed in KC’s basement. That basement is where dozens of great songs from our old bands Blues Controversy and maybe august were born. There is some kinda magic down there (possibly related to Tanquery consumption.) Keith is that rare bassist who LISTENS to songs and finds ways add the cool factor. Along with MFR, he helped shape these songs in their infancy. 

Pat Cummings played drums on many of these songs. I’ve known Pat for years, but this is the first time we worked together.  He was awesome in the studio and he helped make the rehearsals and recordings fun. 

Billy Silverthorn is the real deal. Bill played drums on Recoil and Miles From Nowhere. When Bill is behind the kit, he drives the band and it is a FUN ride. 

I had my friend Ryan Fitzgerald come in and play stand up acoustic bass on Home and 7.a.m. When the bowed bass comes in on 7 a.m., I get chills. 

Andy Rogers plays fiddle on Home.  I had a lead line for him and he nailed it…and he then went on to play perfect fills and a great solo. Nice. 

Mike (Spike) Thomas added killer organ to What I Was Given. I hope we play music together for a long time. 

Scott Robertson sings harmony on Turned,  Hey Amy, and Carpenter. Scott, MFR, and I have been singing harmony for 15 years. On these tunes, we sang together live into one mic, live takes, and it sounds great.                                                                                                                          

Donny Brown played drums on In A Little While. I had an idea of a minimalist approach to that tune and Donny got it exactly right.


My wife Christin Nielsen has witnessed music becoming an ever bigger part of my life for 35 years. I could not ask for a more supportive partner.  She is why I can do what I do.


The song 7 a.m. was written in memory of my friend Chris Michalek who died much too young. Chris was a musician with an amazing gift… he was an inspiration to me as a harmonica player and he was my great friend. He is missed by many.